About Me

Ryoya Takashima

At this very moment of my life , I felt it to be my mission to make more people realize how a vegan lifestyle can be one of the key methods in bringing about world peace as we all strive for pursuit of happiness.

Call it my passion, to me, it is my duty to share what I know, so others too will also begin to see how embracing vegan lifestyle can be so enriching to all of our lives.

Our clothing; our diet; as well as our housing – from these three basic category of human fundamental needs, if we could decrease animal based product consumption, we are empowered to change the world. We can change the world for the better as our water consumption will decrease significantly and deforestation will cease when more people switch to plant based food consumption.

Animals bred only for the sole purpose for humans to eat or to wear will decrease and that, consequently will dramatically reduce the fossil fuel consumption in the energy sector.

Animal domestication for human consumption uses inordinate amount of our resources and burdens our earth, and of course burdens the animal and plant lives.

With less carbon footprint and less waste, we can save our earth for our posterity.

As more and more people adopt vegan diet and as vegan lifestyle spreads, people will reclaim their health and that too will greatly reduce the taxes we pay towards healthcare expenses.

Then, it makes possible the re-allocation of those tax savings to afford other worthy causes in our philanthropic efforts.

Why don’t we serve as a role model by adopting the vegan lifestyle ourselves? Then, whenever we notice around us, someone who may not be feeling well physically and psychologically from their regular food choices, we can show them another way.

Why don’t we show them how adopting a vegan lifestyle, even at a small scale, can make a significant difference.

When you live a healthy and vibrant life through vegan lifestyle, others around you will take note and become aware of the value and benefit in adopting this lifestyle.

You don’t have to work so hard to change others around you.

I think, that kind of effort to change others is not necessary for this movement to be effective.

First of all, let all the efforts be placed on you and be about you – By changing YOURSELF, you can make the difference.

When you change, amazing results are in store for you.

Others will witness such transformation of you. That invites results far beyond our imagination.

Let’s all unite to lead the way for the sake of this beautiful planet and our health; Together. let’s live vibrantly with joy !